What You Need To Know About Rapper Emzzy E

Emzzy Ambrose E is a rapper who fell in love with music at a very young age, Influenced by the likes of Usher, 50 Cent, Jay Z, Kirk Franklin, M.I, Ice Prince Zamani and Someone He really Looked at as a Mentor ‘Lil Wayne’. He was inspired to start Writing His own Lyrics and by Grade 8, He Had a little Book of Rhymes where He would Often Store Poetry and His Punch Lines, Its no wonder He giving Punchline Kings a run for their money right now with His facebook Freestyles. He Never Got the Chance to step into a recording studio at that time but once He did, He sure was ready for it.

In 2011, Emzzy E and a couple of High school Buddies, Jason included, Saved up some money and recorded their first track titled ‘So Hot’, A couple of track were recorded after that until He Decided it was time to stand on His own.

In 2014, Emzzy E was back in the studio and He recorded His first outstanding track titled ‘Talk’ and it sure got people in the city of Jos talking. He then Jumped on a couple of collaboration with present crew members Jadon B and Yung Pro #Thatsanedude that took the street of Jos by storm but this wasnt the peak for Emzzy, On Gaining Admission into University of Jos, He steeped on the Plate and took Home the title of ”UNIJOS FRESHMAN LYRICIST” for the year 2914.

He has Proved Himself a force to reckon with in the city of Jos and Plans to take His Brand Global, His First Studio Project EOLOGY (The Study Of E) was put together to showcase His versatility and to prove that there is still hope for Nigerian Music No matter what Genre or Category you fit into. Emzzy E also known as ”LORD E” or ”E” For short is ready to leave a mark on the Nigerian Music Scene and Entertainment industry as a whole.

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